Pelton Wedding


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Pierre is the kind of catering chef who is wildly inventive, fun to work with and a true professional.  I consider myself to be highly selective when it comes to food and I wanted the food and decor at my wedding to be first class, but absolutely could not afford the rates typically associated with it.

I called Pierre after dealing with “one of the big catering companies” which shall remain nameless.  It was such a welcome change to talk to the actual chef, immediately discuss what we were thinking and having him be very honest with me about what he could do for 160 guests.

Pierre was very straight forward, and was extremely generous.  We booked fairly far in advance, so Pierre was more than willing to add on extras that would normally have cost us thousands of dollars.  Pierre actually owns tables, chairs, plates, glasses, linens and all of that, so we could settle on a ridiculously good package price.   Right away, I knew that if the food was as good as advertised that we had our caterer.

We met with Pierre a few months before the wedding, and had a tasting with my wife’s parents.  We couldn’t get enough of the food, and had so much fun with Pierre tasting the various options, testing this sauce with that meat and sampling a few appetizers.

Our wedding day was perfect on so many levels and Pierre had a huge part in that.  He set up the chairs for the ceremony, quickly and quietly moved them to our reception area, which was immaculately arranged.  The decor was perfect and the food was even better.   Pierre and his crew were fantastic, they made sure to seek out my wife and I and give us appetizers during the cocktail hour.  The dinner was fantastic, and we got compliments from so many people afterward.

I would highly recommend Pierre for any sort of an event.  I feel like he could come up with a fun, tasty and inventive menu for just about anyone.

-Ken & Lisa
Malibu wedding fro 2oo persons at ranch del sol pacifico 2011